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The Battle Creek Food Idea

The many ideas that Kellogg and his Sanitarium had about food and nutrition would be too much to summarize in this exhibit. For those interested, the promotional pamphlet featured here, published by the Sanitarium around 1900, presents its philosophies in an easily "digestible" format. Many of these ideas were the harbinger of the health food movement that gained momentum in the US in the middle of the 20th century, which continues today with more politically motivated diets such as veganism and the animal rights movement. For many, these diets are not simply about what we eat and how that affects our health; they are intrinsic to one's lifestyle and moral sensibilities.

What similarities do you see between "The Battle Creek Food Idea" and contemporary health and diet fads? What influence do you think the ideas of The Sanitarium have had on the Kellogg's Company's contemporary promotional materials, and the promotion of food products more generally?

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