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A Different Sort of Diet

John Harvey Kellogg also believed in the use of enemas to cleanse the body. A personal favorite of his involved cleansing the colon with gallons of water and then following up with a gallon of yogurt to replace the intestinal flora. This practice was common at the Sanitarium. Enemas, however, were not simply viewed as a cleaning process; they were considered a diet and, somewhat erroneously, an alternate way of consuming the nutrients present in foods. Certain prescribed mixtures were even given caloric and nutritive values, as can be seen outlined in the pamphlet The Yogurt Book.

The Schellberg Apparatus, pictured below, is taken from Dr. O. Boto Schellberg's Lectures on Colonic Therapy, Its Indications, Technic and Results (c. 1930) and is similar to the type of enema apparatus that would have been employed at Battle Creek.

Page 38 of The Yogurt Book, published by The Sanitarium, discussed rectal use of yogurt capsules in order to ensure proper digestion and bowel movements.