The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Digital Library

Travels With Outerbridge: A Fellow in the Great War


This year marks the one-hundredth anniversary of the US entry into World War One (WWI). To mark this occasion we present Travels with Outerbridge, a digital exhibition which includes the mapped letters and photographs of George Outerbridge, a Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and a physician who served in WWI.

Outerbridge spent much of his time during the conflict stationed at Base Hospital No. 16 in Le Tréport, France, a British Expeditionary Force hospital. However, toward the end of his tenure with the Unit, he joined Mobile Hospital Unit No. 8, which traveled through Normandy and Brittany, as well as near Verdun and Argonne, the sites of important battles.

NOTE: For the best experience, this exhibit should be viewed on a desktop or laptop. A full-size tablet will also work, but the display may be too cluttered for phone and mini-tablet users.

Arrival of a medical convoy from the front.


Tristan Dahn and Paige Randazzo