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Theatrum anatomicum, Caspar Bauhin

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Theatrum anatomicum, Caspar Bauhin


Theatrum anatomicum, Caspar Bauhin's 1605 anatomical textbook, contains 131 copper engravings of human anatomy drawn mostly from the illustrations of others. Although the diagrams were not original, the book was notable at the time as a thorough, cutting-edge anatomical compendium. In this work, Bauhin introduced a new labeling system, naming anatomical structures instead of numbering them, a system quickly adopted by others.

Bauhin, Caspar, 1560-1624. Theatrum anatomicum (Francofurti at [sic] Moenum : Typis Matthaei Beckeri, 1605)

Ac 181 (Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia)

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