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Buch der Cirurgia, Hieronymus Brunschwig

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Buch der Cirurgia, Hieronymus Brunschwig


The Noble Experyence of the Vertuous Handy Warke of Surgeri is the English language translation of Hieronymus Brunschwig'sBuch der Cirurgia, a German text first printed in 1497. The work was intended as a handbook of surgery for aspiring barbers and surgeons. The English translation, printed in 1525 by Peter Treveris, contains woodcut illustrations distinct from the original.

Brunschwig, Hieronymus, approximately 1450-approximately 1512. Noble experyence of the vertuous handy warke of surgeri (Imprynted at London : In Southwarke by Petrus Treueris, In the yere of our lorde god. M.D.xxv. [1525] and the. xxvi. day of Marche.)

ZEa 25 (Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia)

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